I Wanna be Literated! #124

I Wanna be Literated! #124

Wednesday, 07 September 2016

March: Book Two
by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, & Nate Powell

The March series is one of those books that shows how comics are an art form to be taken seriously. I’m happy to see also that it’s getting the attention it deserves, hopefully because it’s got the story of John Lewis being driven by the stellar artwork of Nate Powell. Now if we could only start saying the word “comic” more and not desperately cling to “graphic novel.”


The March series have dealt with John Lewis’ personal story, growing up in the south and taking part (I reluctantly would say “lead”) in the civil rights movement of the 60s, which included such icons as Medgar Evers and Martin Luther King. Talk about real problems: book two sees Lewis growing up pretty fast as the struggle for equal rights becomes the main focus in his life. And with it comes organizing, protests, beatings, jailings, and the Freedom Rider phenomenon which I had been completely ignorant about until now. But then again, the whole point of March is to teach about the movement. Ending with the March on Washington (I did know about that one, folks), Lewis journey takes him through some scary situations and confrontations with some scary people, and yet the cause is so resonant that there’s always a friendly face ready to help and show support. Maybe it’s just how high the stakes were, or maybe it was the determination to make this a non-violent movement. No pulling punches in this book; the dangers are all too real.

Also complimenting this wonderful book is the fantastic artwork by Nate Powell. Honestly, the man knows his way around a pencil, pen, and brush. The pages of March are filled with his beautiful and dynamic depictions of Lewis’ story. It wouldn’t even be exaggerating to call these panels breathtaking.

With a beautiful story and beautiful art, March is a book that transcends generations and people of all walks of life.

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