Just One Song 004 – The Wheel, by PJ Harvey

Just One Song 004 – The Wheel, by PJ Harvey

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

PJ Harvey has been working on her 9th album as part of a live art installment at London’s Somerset House. This is the first track that has been released. It’s a catchy tune with lyrics that speak of atrocities committed against children. We can only guess that a music video may come along later that is interspersed with images of starving and abused children from around the world. “28,000 disappeared” is the ringing chorus that will stick in your ears…

The recording space that the band is utilizing is in the basement of Somerset House and there is one way glass that the public can gawk at them working through. A singularly unique idea that is causing a lot of talk. How it is affecting the musicians, if they are not able to see who is outside looking in kind of makes it seem a moot point… Regardless, the entire recording session is being recorded, so whether you got to look in from the outside, or not, the world will see all that they want us to see.




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