Stanton Warriors

Stanton Warriors

Monday, 20 November 2006

UK’s own Stanton Warriors—Dominic Butler & Mark Yardley—got the invite from the Fabric folks to not only play the club, but to record the 30th installment of FabricLive for the series. You can say that’s quite an honor, but you can also say that the duo deserves the hell out of it. For the past 8 years, Stanton Warriors have been twisting and crafting beats to get people to dance hard and have a blast doing it. This mix might be one of the most dance-friendly to date, while being secretly disguised as a Stanton Warriors “best of.” The mix consists of roughly 16 tracks, of which 11 are either remixes or original SW cuts. It’s basically them saying, “You wanna know what we can do? Get your ass on the dancefloor and find out.”

The mix drops in with a booty jam that kicks MIA and Lady Sov in the nipples. Continuing through the mix are the Stanton Warriors’ signature breaks, ruling left and right with bombs like the remixes of Peace Division’s “Club Therapy,” Claude VonStroke’s “Who’s Afraid of Detroit?” and a funked up mix of King Unique’s “To The Left.” The entire mix is out of hand, but it gets absolutely ridiculous when “Flamed Up” by Old School Junx drops. It’s a jam straight out of 94, complete with digi-rhythms repeating over and over, female/male vocal samples and perhaps one of the hottest breakdowns known to man. Closing out the mix is “Shake That Ass Bitch” by Splack Pack who feel quite free to sample Kano’s “I’m Ready,” but transform it into a Miami-bass jam circa 1992. This album is essential. Drop it down a little low like that….

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