The SWAG Report 120

Monday, 26 November 2012

H'awright you luckyli'l junkies youse,

So I know whatcher thinkin', “What the hell is Donnie doin' back so soon? I didn't short'im or nothin', an' I saw that he gave up some more free mp3s four days ago!” Well, yer right junky, but now that it's comin' up onna holiday season, my heart's swellin' up wit' da givin' spirit! It didn'hurt eith this I know I found a coupla things thit jus' fell offa the back o'trucks thit I want, an' I'll betcher GONNA want.

Awright, firs', don't tell nobod, but I gotcha a new song by the Eels. Yeah, yeah, I know ol' fi'dollar Billy's awready messin' hisself ova dis, but I got one fer youse, an' ya know? I's really tasty! I mean, dis new tune's gotta fat an' chunky back end anna really cutsy set o' woids; it's fuckin' great man, yer gonna love it! Check that out foist.

Nex' I got two tunes by dis band Challenger. I talked about dese guys before, but I jus' can't get enough of 'em! I love this strain o'creepy, smart pop shit man, an' I got two songs'ere thatcha gotta hear – ther fuckin' great!

Oh yeah, an' speakin' o' weird fuckin' poppy shit, I tripped ova dis new tune by a band called Fidlar. Man, I'm tellin' youse – dis band knows howta play da pop game ther own way man. Dis tune's all about da punk rock, spittin' in yer face fuckin' spirit, but wrapped around a busted fuckin' pop hook! Ol' fi' dollar Billy says it reminds him o' Bloodhound Gang, but I don' think so – I think it's actually good! Eitha way though, check dis tune out if yer lookin' fo'a great tune or a guilty pleasure, both teerm apply.

I gotta buncha otha individual songs'ere too junky, but then I got whatcha call yer package deals – ya know what I mean, whole albums fer youse ta get hooked on right an' proper. First though, I got two digital single fer youse ta sink yer teeth into; one's by Ossie, anna otha's by dis chick called Laurel Halo, an' ther both pretty good! Check that shit out if ya gotta minute, an'en get on the bike an' start grabbin' yer full–length reckids! I got LPs by band like Mean Creek, Minnesota an' New Animal, ann'at's jus' ta getcha started! So go git some awready junky, an' git it while the gittin's good!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yr. ever–lovin' Don Loder.

Challenger – “Are You Scared Too” – [mp3]

Challenger – “I Am Switches” – [mp3]

DVA – “Fly Juice” – [Single]

Eels – “Peach Blossom” – [mp3]

Fidlar – “AWWWKWAARRRDDD (featuring Kate Na$h)” – [mp3]

Laurel Halo – “Sunlight On The Faded” – [Single]

Lawrence Arabia – “The Listening Times” – [mp3]

Maitland – “Embers” – [mp3]

Mean Creek – “Come On Before It's Gone” – [mp3]

Mean Creek – Hemophilliac [Album]

Mean Creek – “Young And Wild” – [mp3]

Millionyoung – “Lovin'” – [mp3]

Minnesota – Mix Tape compilation – [Album]

My Radio – “Bricks And Mortar” – [mp3]

New Animal – “Falling Up” – [mp3]

New Animal – New Animal [Album]

Various Artists – Noisetrade 2012 Holiday Road Trip compilation – [Album]

Ossie – “Ignore” – [Single]

Shark – “Down Low” – [mp3]

Shark – “You Don't Love Me” – [mp3]

The Pharmacy – “Baby Be” – [mp3]

The Pharmacy – “Make Me Remember” – [mp3]

Turf War – “Stay Running” – [mp3]

You Won't – “Who Knew” – [mp3]

You Won't – “Television” – [mp3]

Your Youth – “Thick Gold” – [mp3]

Yuno – “Sunlight” – [mp3]

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