The SWAG Report 135

Thursday, 04 April 2013

Hiya junky,

So I dunno if you heard about dis, but I got excited about it feraminit. If you ain't noticed, ol' fi' dollar Billy got ridda a buncha the busted-ass links inna dead zone thit's called The Leak on Ground Control. The way he wis sayin' it, he wis gonna give me da whole section all ta myself an' turn it inta one great big, SWAGGY marketplace're somethin'. Yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder wis gonna make it beautiful, but it didn'turn out dat way. I guess'ee couldn't do dat logistically so it wis all fer nothin' – but don' worry, cause'ee says e's got a plan; so we'll hafta all fin'out tagether what'ee'sgot innis bag o' tricks.

Inna meantime, I still got my little bag o' SWAG ta dole out in my column instead, annit looks pretty tasty dis week. I nabbed da firs' new turn from The Burning Hell from ther new reckid what comes out inna coupla weeks, annit sounds fuckin' AWESOME junky! Like, dis is back ta Happy Birthday innalla da right ways. Same's true (but, y'know 'cept fer da soundin' like Happy Birthday part) o' da new tune I scored from The Veils; it's definitely worth the price of admission! An' while yer attit, grab the newest tune from LVMRKS an' Chic Gamine, an' mebbe the THREE I scored (again) from Decades! Ther all fuckin' awesome an' a really, really sweet an' addictive mix tagether, so git onnit awready! Whatcha waitin for junky? An engraved invitation? Git onnit!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Army/Navy – “Pickle” – [mp3]

beekeeper – Shout At People[Single]

Best Coast – “Rhiannon – [mp3]

Bracher Brown – Broken Glass and Railroad Tracks sampler – [EP]

Cam Penner – “Memphis” – [mp3]

Chic Gamine – “Days And Days” – [mp3]

Cool Ghouls – “Grace” – [mp3]

Decades – “Blackbeak” – [mp3]

Decades – “Stars Hold On” – [mp3]

Decades – “Tonight Again” – [mp3]

Delta Rae – “If I Loved You” – [mp3]

Gov't Mule – “Captured” – [mp3]

In My Coma – “Losing Sleep” – [mp3]

Kris Menace – “Voodoo Dilate (Moulinex & Xinobi mix)” – [mp3]

Lee Ranaldo Band – “Albatross (Fleetwood Mac cover)” – [mp3]

LVMRKS – “In Scars” – [mp3]

Lykke Li – “Silver Springs (Fleetwood Mac cover)” – [mp3]

Marianne Faithfull – “Angel” – [mp3]

moe. – “The Bones Of Lazarus” – [mp3]

Moon Taxi (featuring Matisyahu) – “Square Circles” – [mp3]

Public Enemy (featuring Gerald Albright and Sheila Brody) – “Everything” – [mp3]

Shovels & Rope – “Birmingham” – [mp3]

Slightly Stoopid – “Don't Stop” – [mp3]

TEEN – “PRISONERS” – [mp3]

The Burning Hell – “Grown-ups” – [mp3]

The Kills – “Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)” – [mp3]

The New Pornographers – “Think About Me (Fleetwood Mac cover)” – [mp3]

The Veils – “Dancing with the Tornado” – [mp3]

Wild Cub – “Wishing Well” – [mp3]

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