Bring Your Own Lampshade – The Replacements Return

Thursday, 13 June 2013

While calling it a genuine reunion might sound a little logistically dicey (to date, drummer Chris Mars hasn't signed on, and who will fill the lead guitarist's seat is still up in the air), every fan within earshot is guaranteed to get excited at the announcement that Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson have reunited under The Replacements' name for a few shows. The band is confirmed to appear at Riot Fest in Chicago, as well as in Toronto and Denver.

Whether a reunion in fact or in spirit, this announcement is guaranteed to get 'Mats fans giddy. Historically, the possibility of new 'Mats activity has always had a special rhythm in it; when Paul, Tommy and Chris appeared in a studio together in 2006 to record  a couple of new songs for the Don't You Know Who I Think I Was best-of comp, fans could be found in fits of ecstasy around the world. When Paul and Tommy first started messing around with the idea of working on new songs together a few years ago, it was possible to feel the wind rush by as fans held their breath in anticipation. Such is the nature of the undying affection that The Replacements inspire, and they're doing it again now. It doesn't hurt either that a new Replacements website, and twitter account have appeared in perfectly plain, easy-to-find view on the internet. Other than these few shows, nothing has been announced as of yet, but it's hard not to hope that something's coming; we at Ground Control will definitely keep readers updated with more information as it becomes available.



For a list of The Replacements' upcoming shows, click here .

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