Paul Oakenfold – [Album]

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

From all I can tell, Paul Oakenfold just up and decided one day that he wanted to be a DJ, and shortly thereafter, planned to be the most popular DJ in the world. Whether or not he trumps all of the other disc jockeys in existence is up for debate, but with the release of his Greatest Hits and Remixes album this month, he makes a hefty statement regarding the breath of his influence.

Although I never thought about it before, it’s clear from this album that Oakenfold has had a successful history with some interesting collaborators. For "Starry Eyed Surprise" he teamed with Crazy Town front man Shifty Shellshock, otherwise known for his involvement with the American tragedy that is/was the mixture of rock and rap. Then, for "Faster Kill Pussycat,"he teamed with Brittany Murphy, otherwise known as the chick who got nailed by B. Rabbit in a sheet metal factory. Now, I don’t know much about the musical careers of Oakenfold’s aforementioned work partners, but if it weren’t for him, I’d know nothing.

The release of Greatest Hits marks a career that spans two decades and mountains of influence with the dance and electronic genres. Oakenfold’s collection of hits, pulls from a wide range of artists. From creating an upbeat version of Justin Timberlake and T.I.’s "My Love" to increasing the energy on the Radiohead classic "Everything In Its Right Place,"Oakenfold bridged a gap between they varying tastes of pop and rock audiences. The fast-pace progression of his big beats really puts an interesting spin on these otherwise slow and casual tracks, without roaming into the territory of annoying aerobic instructor anthems.

Oakenfold may be the single person most responsible for the spread and popularization of trance music and has done so, by fusing the songs of popular recording artists with his European beats. Also, he’s been known to crank up the intensity of American cinema. In the past decade of his career, he’s been a frequent collaborator to Hollywood action flicks, and his rendition of the James Bond theme, is a fine example of his talent. Listening to his Greatest Hits, more than a few times, I gained a new appreciation for the importance of this dance music icon. This collective is a terrific look into the career of a true music pioneer.


Greatest Hits and Remixes is out 11/02. For more information, visit or

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