The SWAG Report 018

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Hey there youse,

Can I let you in on somethin'? I've started to notice a pattern in how these columns operate – there's a common theme in how the business leaks. Let me tell ya about it…

So dere's four weeks in a month right? It's weird, but what I found since I started gracin' you with my weekly presence (and presents!) is that everything always seems to build up and hit a peak every month. It's like a military wave ya know? Like, the first couple o' weeks each month, all the foot soldiers get sent out; all the baby bands lose a couple of songs to the intawebs and I pick 'em up and show you what I got. Then it builds up in week three and it's bigger names. By week four it's the big names bitch – those muthafuckin' BIG fish kickin' around the business that lose a little ground t' yours truly.

Weird huh?

Well, anyways, this'ere being the fourth week o' the month y'know what'cher gettin' right? That's right babies, big fish – and I got the best bait; what I can't catch on a hook I shoot an' haul in anyway! 'At's what I done'is week and check this shit out – I gotcha some live Liars, some live Primus from just a couple o'days ago, some new Blonde Redhead, some new Pete Yorn, some new Revolver and a bunch o' other SWAG. True, it ain't th' biggest boost I ever did, but I think I made up for the lower quantity by gettin' some pretty good quality – this'll fix ya up just right. So check it out a'ready!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Blonde Redhead – “Here Sometimes”

First Rate People – “Gentlemen's Club”

Gil Scott Heron – “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

Lachi – “We Can Fly”

Liars – “Proud Evolution (Live At Daytrotter)”

Liars – “Scarecrows On A Killer Slant (Live At Daytrotter)”

Liars – “Scissor (Live At Daytrotter)”

Liars – “The Overacheivers”

Paul Dempsey – “Bats”

Paul Dempsey – “Out The Airlock”

Pete Yorn – “Precious Stone”

Primus – “Southbound Pachyderm (Live In Toronto, 27/07/10)”

Primus – “Tommy The Cat (Live In Toronto 27/07/10)”

Probcause – Spring Cleaning (full album download!)

Quitzow – “Whatever”

Revolver – “Birds in DM (Joakim mix)”

Revolver – “Get Around Town”

Sebastian Blanck – “Empire Of The Free”

Shunda K – “Here I Am To Save The World”

The Mountains & The Trees – “Minimum Wage Lovers”

The Mountains & The Trees – “More & More & More”

The Murdocks – “Black Jesus Knocking”

The Setting Sun – “The Sympathetic CEO”

The Shimmies – “Beloved Enemies”

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