The SWAG Report 020

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hey kiddies,

Can you believe it? This SWAG Report thing has reached twenty editions and nobody's clamped down on us yet! Who woulda thunk it could trail on so long? Not me, that's for sure – I figured somebody woulda tried to shut me up or shut me down by now, but everybody's shallow, plastic money trench (the music industry – for those that never crack a book) is still letting me run free and has yet to find an interest in seeing me die like a dog. Works for me, how 'bout you? Of course it works for you – you reap all the rewards!

So, now at twenty, I thought we'd look back a bit on where we been. Did you know that this column started on March 1, 2010? I forgot about it until I looked but I found out that I been workin' pretty hard for you little thieves; in five anna half months, I done twenty columns. Didja catch 'em all? There's still some good stuff in 'ere that ya mighta missed so, in addition to a choice selection of new SWAG that'll titillate yer thievin' black little souls, I also pulled links together for all the previous SWAG Reports for you to revisit as you need. So scroll down already!

Happy half anniversary, bitch,
yr ever-lovin' Don Loder.


Amy Winehouse – "Back To Black"

Amy Winehouse –
"You Know I'm No Good"

Broken Social Scene –
"All To All (Sebastien Grainger Mix)"

Cashes Rivers –
"As I Drift"

Chord –
"EbMaj9 (descent)"

Elephant & Castle –
"The Look"

Eternal Summers –

Gordie Tentrees –

J. Dilla –
"Safety Dance (Men At Work cover)"

Kmelz –
"Let Me Getcha Number"

Liam Singer –
"Winter Weeds"

Lobisomem –
"Concussus 1"

Lobisomem –
"She's Made Of Clay"

Matthew Dear –
"Little People (Black City)"

Pale Sketcher –
"Can I Go Now (Gone Version)"

Pale Sketcher –
"Can I Go Now (Gone Version, Donna Cha Costello mix)"

Primus –
The rehearsal tapes recorded during the band's warm up for their current tour!

Paper Cat –
"Adulture OCD Automatic (Sammy Bananas mix)"

Sebastien Tellier –

Secret Colors –
"Tomorrow Never Knows (Beatles cover)"

Team B-Genesis –
"Reply To Censure (Minotaur Shock Remix)"

The Megaphonic Thrift –
"Dragon Vs. Dust"

The Pack –

The Protomen –
"The Hounds"

The Salteens –
"If Love Is Gone, Where Do We Go From Here?"

Three Mile Pilot –
"Days Of Wrath"

Wavves –
"King Of The Beach"

Weezer –

Wolf People –
"Tiny Circle"

Woven Bones –
"I've Gotta Get"

Your Youth –

KT Tunstall –
"Fade Like A Shadow"

Katy Perry –
"Teenage Dream"

Katy Perry –
"Teenage Dream (instrumental)"

Gwyneth Paltrow –
"Country Strong"

Good Charlotte –
"Like It's Her Birthday"

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