The SWAG Report 026

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hey out there,

So how's it goin' 'ere? What's new and exciting in your life? I'm askin' because, you know? I feel like I'm talkin' to myself wit' youse. I mean, here I am peddlin' dubiously acquired music at 'chu, an' I don' even know whatcher thinkin'. Are you likin' it? Am I givin' you da right fixes? See, I'm askin' because I don' know – I'm just grabbin' the shit that I think is good. So I tell you what I'm gonna do – I got 'is email address 'ere – – an' I wanna hear from alla youse; it's all about a buyer's market right? So tell me whatchu wanna see innis column. Think about it, contemplate it, an' lemme know what'll getcha high or getcha off. I'm 'ere for you! Anyway, inna meantime, check the new lost o'free SWAG below. I got some good, good shit'ere, so by all means sample it all but, I'm tellin' you, don' miss out on the new Chickenhawk, James Apollo, Gang Of Four, Posies, Shilpa Venus an' Bewitched Hearts tunes 'ere – they're the real blue plate specials this week.

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Birds By Snow – "Friends In The City"

Birds By Snow – "There Is A Marriage"

Chickenhawk – "Scorpieau"

En Karma – "Holi Bol"

Five O'Clock Heroes – "Rough Boy"

Fox In The Henhouse – "Fears"

Gang Of Four – "Never Pay For The Farm"

HollySons – "Slow Days"

Hoof And The Heel – "Fireworks"

James Apollo – "Happiness"

James Apollo – "How Hard"

Junip – "Always (Run Roc mix)"

Kong – "Count To Nine (featuring Matt Caughthran of The Bronx)"

Les Savy Fav – "Let's Get Out Of Here"

Modern Superstitions – "Visions Of You"

Nive Nielson – "Good For You"

Nottz – "Blast That (featuring Black Milk)"

Paper Lions – "Lost The War"

Parting Gifts – "Keep Walkin'"

Ra Ra Riot – full Daytrotter Session

Ruby Coast – "Creep Me Out"

Savoir Adore – "Bodies"

School Of Seven Bells – "Heart Is Strange (Active Child mix)"

Shilpa Venus – "Shaver"

Tanya Davis – "Please Bless"

The Bewitched Hands – "I Don't Know"

The Bewitched Hands – "Sea"

The Octopus Project – "Fuguefat"

The Posies – "The Glitter Prize"

The Sheepdogs – "I Don't Know"

The Soft Pack – "Gagdad"

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