The SWAG Report 122

Friday, 14 December 2012

Ohwowohwowohwowohwow are youse eva lucky Junky,

Ya know what time o' da year it is, right junky? I's supposed ta be da time o' year when i's supposed ta be betta ta give thin receive an' all'at nonsense (who eva bu-leaves dat shit anyway?), but dis time it's true – I got a buncha SWAG ta unload on ya, ann'it's all fuckin' primo dope! An' I'm not jus' sayin' it — it's fuckin' awesome! I gotta heavy bag fulla heavy hittas fer youse dis week junky, like Bettye LaVette an' Beach House an' El P an' Japandroids an' John K. Samson an' the Mountain Goats, but I also got some newnewnew shit thitcher gonna wanna check out too, like a new tune by CrimSane ('at's 'at new band ol' Pink Eyes Abraham is cheatin' on Fucked Up wit'), First Aid Kit, Heat Dust, Lumineers an' Tame Impala. Of course, alladat firs' group's good an' all, but the secon' one I'm talkin' about izza real bunch ta love junky, cuz it's new an' comes ready ta kill right outta da box. I'm not even gonna start talkin' about it all junky, ciz ya don' need me to! Jus' go gedditall awready, cuz you're gonna end up hooked on alla it! An' merry Christmas, ya hump!

Love an' sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin Don Loder

Alabama Shakes – “Hang Loose” – [mp3]

Andrew Bird – “Eye On Eye” – [mp3]

Baroness – “Take My Bones Away” – [mp3]

Beach House – “Lazuli” – [mp3]

Bettye Lavette – “Everything Is Broken” – [mp3]

Cloud Nothings – “Stay Useless” – [mp3]

Crimsane – “ChinaFastGrow” – [mp3]

Damien Jurado – “Nothing is the News” – [mp3]

El P – “Drones Over Bklyn” – [mp3]

Father John Misty – “I'm Writing A Novel” – [mp3]

First Aid Kit – “The Lions Roar” – [mp3]

Future Fambo – “Alcoholic” – [mp3]

Heat Dust – Heat Dust [EP]

Hospitality – “Friends Of Friends” – [mp3]

Howler – “Back Of Your Neck” – [mp3]

Japandroids – “The House That Heaven Built” – [mp3]

Jens Lekman – “I Know What Love Isn't” – [mp3]

John K. Samson – “Letter In Icelandic From Ninette San” – [mp3]

Jon DeRosa – “O Holy Night” – [mp3]

Judy Kang – “You” – [mp3]

Justin Townes Earle – “Look The Other Way” – [mp3]

King Tuff – “Bad Thing” – [mp3]

Lord Huron – “Time To Run” – [mp3]

Matthew E. White – “Big Love” – [mp3]

Mountain Goats – “Cry for Judas” – [mp3]

Of Monsters And Men – “From Finner” – [mp3]

Punch Brothers – “Movement And Location” – [mp3]

Sharon Van Etten – “Serpents” – [mp3]

Shovels and Rope – “Birmingham” – [mp3]

Stars – “Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It” – [mp3]

Tame Impala – “Apocalypse Dreams” – [mp3]

The Lumineers – “Dead Sea” – [mp3]

The Walkmen – “Heaven” – [mp3]

Todd Snider – “In Between Jobs” – [mp3]

WOODS – “Cali In A Cup” – [mp3]

Wonder Revolution – "Invisible Until" – [mp3]

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