The SWAG Report 141

Friday, 14 June 2013

Hey junky,

Good ta see ya – ya addict. I ben missin' youse, sorry I ben gone, but the pickin' fer fresh SWAG's ben pretty lean lately; I dunno what's up, but tryin' ta pull a bag tagetha's ben no easy feat – ya know?

I got some fo' ya though, annit's pretty friggin' primo. I nabbed a new tune from the upcomin' Dinosaur Bones reckid, annit's friggin' tight! The guitars an' drums are hittin' hard here, annat's guaranteed ta getcher head noddin'. I nabbeda new single from the upcomin' Flobots reckid too; it sounds exactly like whatcha figger da Flobots should sound like, suddat's all good, trus' me.

That's all goo, but da one's gonna get lotsa youse excited is da tune from the upcomin' Wu Tang Clan reckid that I nabbed. Dat's rightcha heard me junky, NEW WU TANG! Annit sounds like they neva left junky, I'm tellin' ya; da flow's right da beat's solid, it's jus' like biscuits an' gravy! This'll take ya back junky, so go geddit! Geddit all!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder

AM & Shawn Lee – Tour Sampler[EP]

Black Flag – “Down In The Dirt” – [mp3]

CFCF – “Camera” – [mp3]

Dinosaur Bones – “Spins in Circles” – [mp3]

Flobots – “Bradley Manning” – [mp3]

From Hell – “Unholy” – [mp3]

Hey Champ – “Comet” – [mp3]

Josh Ritter – “A Certain Light” – [mp3]

Leftover Cuties – “One Heart” – [mp3]

Painted Palms – Nothing Lasts Long[EP]

Pressed And – “Bored On A Lam” – [mp3]

Pressed And – “Creed Unlove” – [mp3]

Shawn Lee – He Ain't Heavy[Album]

Smallpools – “Drowning” – [mp3]

Soho Kings – “Don't Go Down That Road” – [mp3]

The Motorleague – “North America” – [mp3]

Wise Blood – “Alarm” – [mp3]

Wu Tang Clan – “Family Reunion” – [mp3]

Xiu Xiu and Lawrence English – LAMC Single #8 – [Split single]

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