The SWAG Report 36

Thursday, 09 December 2010

So we're gettin' down to the wire now folks,

You know what I'm sayin' – we're comin' up on Christmas. Howzat make ya feel? It's a big time o' year inna music business an' I got a couple of things planned for dis column between now anna big day but, first, let's get the season started right – witta great big bag o' free stuff! I foun' all kindsa SWAG for ya to sample this week, an' some of it's pretty good in an offbeat sorta way. Nope, they ain't yer usual flavors, that's for sure, an' some of the best are comin' from the great white North! Some Canucks like Geoff Berner (that guy's funny – didja know he wrote a book on how to play the accordion?) an' Fred Squire (he's 'at guy that was the 'Fred' in Daniel, Fred & Julie – that reckid's really good too) have new reckids comin' out next year, but they're leakin' some of their songs early to get people interested. I grabbed those tunes an' threw 'em in 'ere, as well as some older, year-in-review stuff that fell offa the back of a succession of trucks. This is jus' the tip o' the iceberg, so stay tuned!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr uncle Don Loder.

Amusement Parks On Fire – "Have You Forgotten (Red House Painters cover)"

Amusement Parks On Fire – "The Day It Snowed"

Bishop Morocco – "Last Year's Disco Guitars"

Boca Chica – "Not On Christmas Eve"

Boca Chica – "Snow Angels"

California Wives – "Purple"

Callers – "How You Hold Your Arms"

Casiokids – "Finn Bikkjen"

Charlie Alex March – "Cortot No. 6"

Chromatic Black – "It's Alright"

Clare and The Reasons – "He Needs Me"

Class Actress – "Careful What You Say"

Clubfeet – "Edge Of Extremes"

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – "Vocal Chords (Diego and The Dissidents Mix)"

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – "Vocal Chords"

Dead Confederate – "Run From The Gun"

Drunken Barn Dance – "A Winter's Tale"

False Positive – "Strike Up The Band"

Fred Squire – "It Is In THe Water"

Fredrik – "Dance Of The Peacock Phantom"

Gabe Levine – "Long Spun Thread"

Geoff Berner – "Wealthy Poet"

Gianna Lauren – "Become What You Can't Be"

Grovesnor – "Taxi From The Airport"

Jeremy Messersmith – "Violet!"

John Southworth – "So Glad It's Finally Spring"

Juliette Commagere – "Impact (Keepaway Mix)"

Junk Culture – "Summer Friends"

Katie Costello – "Ashes Ashes"

Lali Puna – "Remember"

Leonids – "Human Cyclops Beetle"

Lumerians – "Black Tusk"

Mariachi El Bronx – "Litigation"

Mariachi El Bronx – "Slave Labor"

Miami Horror – "I Look To You"

Mightyfools – "Supersummer (remix)"

Milagres – "Moose Collision"

Nive Neilson – "In My Head"

Nive Neilson – "Room"

Parallels – "Pet Semetary (Ramones cover)"

Parallels – "The Raven"

Pascal Pinon – "New Beginning"

Pat Le Poidevin – "The Unlucky Town"

Pigeon John – "The Bomb (Cassettes Won't Listen mix)"

Sad Brad Smith – "Hey Young World (Slick Rick cover)"

School Of Seven Bells – "Babelonia"

Screeching Weasel – "What We Hate"

Sea Wolf – "Turn The Dirt Over"

Seabear – "Lion Face Boy"

Slow Club – "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"

Summer Camp – "Christmas Wrapping (Waitresses cover)"

Tarantula – "Now I'm Sitting Here"

The Golden Filter – "White Nights (Psychic TV cover)"

The Golden Filter – "Hide Me"

The Acorn – "Restoration"

The Babies – "Run Me Over"

The Chap – "We Work In Bars"

The Go Find – "Everybody Knows It's Gonna Happen, Only Not Tonight'"

The Inevitable Backlash – "Holes"

The Octopus Project – "Fuguefat"

The Phenomenal Handclap Band – "The Journey To Serra Da Estrela (Fujiya & Miyagi mix)"

Trentem C3 B8ller – "Sycamore Feeling"

Under Byen – "Kapitel 1"

Unicycle Loves You – "There's  A Giant Walking In My Heart"

XRay Press – "The Terms (Colors Of Our DNA)"

Young Galaxy – "Peripheral Visionaries"

Young Galaxy – "Cover Your Tracks"

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