The SWAG Report 58

Wednesday, 01 June 2011

'Ey youse,

Awright, I'm runnin' late today (sue me) so I'll keep this short so ya can make wit' the thievin'. Yer gonna thank me though – ya filthy junkies youse – cause I got some good, good shit this week! Check it out – I scored the new Raekwan tune! Pilfered it right out from unda his nose! Somebody hadda do it – he's been suckin' for a coupla years – but this new tune's solid man, total double live gonzo. I lifted not one but TWO new songs offa the new General Monks reckid too – I dunno who they are, but ther speakin' ta me here, 'at's for shoor.

I swipe some other hip hop too, but let's move along. I nabbed a tune by dis band called Cerebral Ballzy. I know whatcha thinkin' (I was thinkin' it too, trust me), "Holy fuck! Whatta lousy fuckin' name! 'At's just crass shit." Yeah, it is – but check out tha song though! It's fuckin' primo! I also boosted a new one from the new Company Of Thievesnew Frankenbok, new Fan Modine, new Hella (same song as las' week, but now wit' a title!), new Kidcity (not Kidstreet) an' new John Lamanica, annit's all fuckin' gold bitch! Stop readinnis shit an' get innere! Take whatcha can an' give nothin' back – 'at'sa pirate way!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Cerebral Ballzy – "Insufficient Fare"

Company Of Thieves –
"Modern Waste"

Cool Lauren – "Strangers"

Crystal Swells – "Potent Trolls"

Dr. Michael White – "West African Strut"

Efren – "Like A Coat"

Fan Modine – "Juju Road"

Frankenbok – "Dine In Hell"

General Monks – "Kill Yo Self"

General Monks – "Moors Code"

Hella – "Headless"

Hollywood Holt & Million $ Mano – "The Show"

John Lamanica – "Heartling"

John Lamanica – "Wolf Protestor"

Kidcity – "Blackened"

Letting Up Despite Great Faults –
"Teenage Tide"

Miwa Gemini – "Midnight Trail"

Miwa Gemini – "Pioneer Town Love Story"

My Goodness – "C'mon Doll"

Pink Skull – "Bee Noise (Brassica mix)"

Pure X –
"Twisted Mirror"

Raekwon & Vordul Mega – "Thor's Hammer"

Roadside Graves – "Love Me More"

Scattered Trees – "Four Days Straight (remix)"

Soft Metals – "Psychic Driving"

Stuyvesant – "St. Cloud"

The Cool Kids – "Bundle Up"

The Shivers – "Love Is In The Air"

The Trophy Fire – "The Last American Phonebooth"

Tidelands – "Holy Grail"

Wax Museums – "Tungusta"

Zombi – "De3"

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