The SWAG Report 63

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Arightcha bum-rushin', no account junkies,

Yeahyeahyeah, I know I'm late gettin' you yer fix, but I was laid up. Some junkie jumped me inna alley down on Avenue B witta knife an' laid me up fer a coupla days. Mangy bastid won' be doin' 'at again, 'at's fer sure.

Anyway, here we go again – the prick nicked me an' I ain't sure ya deserve it (you junkies – you all stick together), but I got a decent little bag o' SWAG 'ere 'at shouldn't go ta waste, an' I'm gonna be da bigga man an' lay it on ya cause some of it's pretty… whatchacallit… "salubrious." I gotcha some old tunes an' new tunes, an' it's up ta you ta figger out whatcha want, but there's some good stuff inn'ere.

First off, fer all you metalheads, I gotcha a whole album's worth o' new music by a whole buncha different artists – it's called Thrash Bash!!! an' it's got some o' da bes'new groups goin' inn'ere. If you got an axe ta grind, go pick that shit up cause it's all metal alla time. Not only that, but I gotchu little rough-necks some new Reverse The Curse too — so that oughtta cure what ails ya.

Fer the rest o' us that ain't axe-wielding psychos, I got plenty more. I gotta new tune by dis band called Sundress. Now I know whatcher thinkin', it's a lousy name an' all, but this song "Sundress" is great! It's a little electro an' a little rock, but all sexy an' worth every penny – go git'at one fer sure.

Not only dat, but I gotcha some new Irrepressables an' Shimmies; now these two band're sure garage rock classics inna makin'. Wit' attitude ta burn an' alla cutesy songwriting ta match, these two bands're gonna go far – you watch.

On toppa dat, Igotcha a new tune from Gem Club, who jus' signed ta Hardly Art Records, two songs by dis drop-dead gorgeous band called Echo Lake, some heavy duty shit from Caveman an' some other tasty morsels fer good measure – so go get 'em all awready! I gotta book (gotta gett'is dressing changed on where dat junkie stabbed me), but have fun!

Love & sloppy kisses,
yr. ever-lovin' Don Loder.

Acid House Kings – "Under Water"

Animal Farm – "Down To Business"

Annie Crane – "Jump With A Child's Heart"

Caveman – "Did Friend"

ChuCha Santamaria Usted – "Bright Young Light pt. 2"

Class Actress – "Keep You"

Derek Allen – "Spirits In The Material World"

Echo Lake – "In Dreams"

Echo Lake – "Young Silence"

Efren – "Like A Coat"

Efren – "Moonshine"

Elle King – "Good To Be A Man"

Gem Club – "Breakers"

Jasiri X – "Triple 7"

Jim Ward – "Broken Songs"

Pallers – "Come Rain"

Pillars and Tongues – "Thank You Oaky"

Reverse The Curse – "Bell, Book & Candle"

Reverse The Curse – "To Dig A Hole"

Sundress – "Derelict"

Teddybears – "Weed In A Rizzio"

The Irrepressables – "Forget The Past"

The Shimmies – "Friendly Fire"

The Young Things – "Talking Too Loud"

Various Artists – Thrash Bash!!! compilation

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