Vinyl Vlog 222

Vinyl Vlog 222

Thursday, 25 May 2017


No Change in the Weather


Pulley will always have a special place in my heart. As a doe-eyed teenager, committed to punk rock and soaking up music like a sponge, I remember going to the local CD Warehouse and looking through the CD racks trying to find the perfect two punk rock CDs I was going to buy with my hard earned money (that I had to beg my dad for). Back then we were going for quantity and anything off the Epitaph and Fat Wreck catalog. Were we going to include $3 samplers from both those lists? Of course we were. But which full lengths were we going to go home with?

Through process of elimination I ended up with Pulley’s @#!* (which are on the 2318 keys respectively). I remember listening to it over and over, booklet in hand, taking in the music. It was right up my alley: fast melodic skate punk, and it was new. I kept Pulley on my radar after that and felt right at home with their next few follow-ups. Then I guess I grew up and forgot all about them. That wasn’t so hard to do because the band themselves (calling themselves X-Members) decided to go on hiatus. But now, after 12 years, they’ve resurfaced and partly out of nostalgia and partly out of curiosity, I checked out their new album No Change in the Weather.

To say that this album takes me back is putting it mildly. Singer/baseballer Scott Radinsky’s melodies sound like the quintessential voice to front a band like this. With Pulley you’re going to get a tried and true formula: catchy, fast, heavy so-cal punk rock that’s full of anthems. As always, Pulley’s lyrics deal with desperation, loss, and social struggles: something that funny enough remains unchanged in our lives since the last time they released a full length. And that’s why this album is called No Change in the Weather: after all these years Pulley stay the course and stick to what they do well.

El Hefe’s Cyber Tracks is handling the vinyl release and they do an excellent job here. Offering multiple colored vinyl and a nice insert sleeve, the beautiful painted cover is truly on display and every single gorgeous detail is front and center.

No Change in the Weather is a true testament of the pop punk that served as a stepping stone for so many of us and a sound that’s still very much alive. A very cool release


Get it from Cyber Tracks.


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