Witchcraft – [Album]

Monday, 03 December 2007

Let me start by stating that upon first listening to this album a memory was triggered. Maybe it was just the name of the song “The Alchemist” that reminded me of the song, “The Necromancer” by Van Der Graaf Generator. Other reviewers of this album have been strict about denoting the roots of Witchcraft's sound as coming from forefathers Pentagram and Black Sabbath, but I would like to suggest that there is an earlier influence evidenced in the sounds and spirit found in this music.

There is a depth of history that predates the creation of the sound that Witchcraft are trying to generate—early King Crimson being a primary foundation of psychedelic metal. It is almost ironic when listening to the repetitive elementary riffs in Witchcraft’s sound to think that this is not a new band in the late 60s/early 70s trying to establish a new sound. This is a modern band trying to create a resurgence of an old sound. And they do it quite well. They just are not mature enough yet to have plunged to the depths of spiritual veracity and conviction that forefathers Generator and Crimson reached.

I hope they will follow their hearts and listen to and study more variety of music by original creators of this primitive stoner rock sound. The Alchemist is a fine attempt at going deeper, but there is more life and darkness to be found along this pathway. I do recommend listening to this album because if Witchcraft do stick to it, it will be important to have an appreciation for this early sound that they are exploring now.

The Alchemist is out now on Rise Above Records.

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